Train à l'Eure : Radio CFVE Podcasts

During the Train à l'Eure event, which took place on September 23 and 24, 2023, as part of its thirtieth anniversary, the CFVE offered you an ephemeral radio experience: Radio CFVE.

During this event, Radio CFVE host Franck Menant conducted interviews. Find all of these interviews on this page, as well as reports broadcast during the event.



The interviews:


The Amicale des Agents de Paris Saint-Lazare association was on site. One of its representatives answers questions from Franck Menant. Listen to the interview


The ABFC , for Autorail Bourgogne Franche-Comté , is the only association to operate a Picasso railcar on French railway lines. Thierry Moreau presents the association and tells us about the legendary Picasso railcar.Listen to the interview


Clive Lamming , rail historian, answered Franck Menant's questions as part of the 30th anniversary of the CFVE. He tells us about the history of the CFVE and the small railway lines. Listen to the interview


Jocelyne Bourneuf and Philippe Lemoisson are railway photographers. The couple was present at the 30th anniversary of the CFVE, the opportunity for Franck Menant to ask Philippe Lemoisson a few questions about his career as a photographer. Listen to the interview


The Pacific Vapeur Club was also present at this event. Julie Rachet from PVC describes all the activities that the association offers, and of course, she tells us about the princess, 231 G 558.Listen to the interview


The Rails et Histoire association aims to bring together rail professionals and all those who love trains around the history and future of railways, in France and in Europe. Sylvère Aït Amour describes the activities of the association. Listen to the interview


Rosny Rail is a railway museum based in Rosny-sous-Bois in Île-de-France. Loris Rabaux , the Vice-President, describes to us what we can see at the museum. Listen to the interview


Transvap , a tourist railway association, was present in Pacy-sur-Eure with its Chéronne , a steam locomotive which celebrated its 100th anniversary. At the end of the event, we leave the final words toJean-François Buckmann , president of Transvap. Listen to the interview



The reports:


The CFVE offers restaurant trains. During one of them, I interviewed Cécile Deruelle , Chef-Caterer of Les Imprévus de Cécilou , and then customers on board. Listen to the report


On April 3, 2007, the TGV reached a speed of 574.3 km/h. For this occasion, I went to question travelers in the stations. Listen to the report


Do you know what the Paris Saint-Lazare COT is? This is the Transilien Operational Center, a real control tower for the Paris Saint-Lazare lines. Find out how your trains are managed.Listen to the report


The Z6400 were Transilien railcars used until 2020 on the Paris Saint-Lazare network. In this report, discover the role of the driver during a return trip from Paris Saint-Lazare to Versailles-Rive-Droite. Listen to the report


Good listening !

And of course, a big thank you to Franck for his availability and for sharing his passion for the airwaves by covering the Trains à l'Eure event!